How to create a clamshell for complex parts

Would you like to replicate your favorite model, an object dear to you, or a spare?

The silicone rubber clamshell mold is definitely for you: this technique will allow you to create modeling or complex molds with great ease. The molds, used with the Resin Pro resin, allow you to obtain replicas that are perfectly faithful to the original, easily and in a very short time: just follow the instructions in our video step by step and you will be able to do what you have always wanted.

You will only need IGum Resin Pro silicone rubber to make casts and molds, an easy-to-use and completely non-toxic, safe and very conforming rubber paste. With this rubber you can also create molds for metal, plastic, or plaster: the limit is your imagination! 

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These are the steps to follow, along with the moment they appear in our video:

  • Apply the IGum ResinPro silicone rubber manually on the object to make the rubber adhere perfectly to the details (0.04);
  • Apply the silicone rubber to the bottom of the mold container and place the object on it, joining the rubber well. (0.09).
  • Make small holes around the mold to make the top adhere perfectly (0.11).
  • Wait for the silicone rubber to solidify and apply release agent over the entire surface of the first part (0.13)
  • Manually apply the silicone rubber on the second half of the object, trying to make the rubber adhere well to the details (0.16).
  • Fill the container with rubber (0.19).
  • Apply adequate pressure all over the mold evenly (0.21).
  • After the rubber curing time (about 30 minutes) open the mold (0.26)
  • Create two distinct vent holes in the lower part of the object (0.31).
  • Pour the resin into the first channel only, the other will be used to let the air out: fill until the resin comes out of the other vent channel, filling it (0.33)
  • Wait for the resin to solidify and open the mold (0.37).
  • Your item is finally ready! (0.41)

The Resin Pro staff wishes you a good job and reminds you that our technical assistance service is always active, even on email to do not hesitate to write us! See you soon for new videos !!

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