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The product is certified
for skin contact.

iCRYSTAL Epoxy resin with Straw-Colored Curing Agent

✔️Bubble-free, perfect for DIY, wood-working, craft and artistic creations.
✔️Easy to use -> 2:1 mixing ratio
✔️High-gloss finish
✔️Certified Non Toxic skin contact after curing
✔️High scratch resistance


Water-clear, two-component (A+B) epoxy resin system designed for casting in thin layers (from 1 mm), up to thicknesses of 1 inches (2,5 cm). Excellent self-levelling and mechanical sealing properties, including use as reinforcement or applications requiring carbon fiber. Low viscosity, to prevent air bubbles after curing, to facilitate the impregnation of carbon fiber. Excellent resistance to ambientiil  humidity guarantees a glossy surface. Compatible with the most standard colorants available on the market.

epoxy resin is a two-component product based on epoxy resins and relative amine hardener. The main features of this product are:

+ Excellent mechanical resistance

+ Good chemical resistance

+ High impregnation and reinforcement of advanced fabrics

+ Long workability

+ Glossy surface and self-levelling

Tint with any epoxy commercial colorant (both paste or powder) in a percentage from 0.1% to 2.0%.

Can also be thickened with additives such as powders and pyrogenic silica.

These properties make the transparent epoxy resin ideal for the following applications:

Ø Model making

Ø Artistic Creations

Ø Glass Fiber Repair

Ø Outdoor Protective Coatings

Ø Boat construction

Ø Impregnation of technical fabrics (glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar)

Ø Ideal for wood and resin boards (thanks to the excellent performance and an affordable price)

Ø Coatings of furniture and surfaces (100% non-toxic)

Ø Artistic creations (paintings, liquid art, petri dish)

Ø Jewelry and fashion


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