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Everything you need for your
Wood and Resin Table with just one click.

Everything you need for your Wood and Resin Table with just one click.

We are at your disposal to help you create the River Table of Your Dreams quickly and without problems.

For us it is essential that you can get the result you expect, whether it is a Classic Transparent Resin Casting for Wood or an innovative and exciting project with Colored Epoxy for Countertops.

Transparent Resin for Crafting: Professional Epoxy Resins for Rivertable and for High-Thickness Castings.

The widest choice of casting resins for tables, dyes for resins, including everything you need to polish
and protect the Epoxy Surfaces: Here are the products used, selected for you.

Clear Epoxy for Crafting

Professional resins for bubble free castings up to 2 inches (5 cm) thick.

Pigments for Resins

Four families of Resin Pigments,
in dozens of colors.

Epoxy Polishing

Everything you need to polish
and protect the Epoxy Surfaces.

Surface Treatments for Countertops

Unique formulas to create a glossy, heat and scratch-resistant finish.

How Much Resin Is Needed to Make an Epoxy Resin Table?

Here is our resin consumption calculator at your disposal:

Or Download the APP to calculate how much Resin do you need for your epoxy tabletops:

Epoxies: The Best Product for Woodcrafting and Castings.

Unlike casting Polyester resins, Clear Casting Epoxy Resin has higher UV Resistance, allows thicker casting and has practically no shrinkage.

Resin Pro produces its own resins based on formulations from our in-house R&D department. We know exactly what we sell, and we are able to give you professional assistance whether it is a tabletop epoxy resin or a special High Thickness Casting Project with Clear Epoxy Resin.

Do You Like to Dream Big with Crafting Epoxy Resin?

Our sales representatives are available to make you the most competitive offer.

Thanks to the direct relationship between our sales and technical staff with research and development we are able to continuously refine the performance of our products to cover a wide range of applications.

Our staff is always available to help you choose the most suitable item and to maximize the potentials of our products. CONTACT US!

How to Use Epoxy in Crafting Your Table?

Have a Look to our Video on How to Make a Two-Component Resin River table:

Here is our main guide:

Micro-bubbles: How to Properly Seal Woods with Transparent Epoxy Resin?

To obtain a perfect result with two-component casting resin, it is necessary to seal the surfaces (on which we will pour the resin for tables) with a brush coat of the best epoxy resin for wood.

Among the ResinPro resins you will find the best epoxy resin for wood impregnation (for example, “Art Pro Deluxe”) which will prevent the escape of air bubbles when casting the Epoxy Resin for wood.

How to Polish the Epoxy Resin and What Tools to use?

Resin polishing can be a long process which, if not properly evaluated, might compromise the final touch . That’s why we have selected and tested the best products (and the most effective) to obtain shiny surfaces and scratch-resistant resins:

And here you can find the Resin Polishing Step-By-Step List:

We Are Here To Help!

Clear Epoxy Resins, the dyes for resin and all the other products for the creation of wooden and resin tables are suitable for both hobbyists and experts in the DIY sector. Anyhow sometime everyone needs some tips!

Here in Resin Pro we know that each unique and can be customized with infinite variations that’s why if you want to know which is the most suitable product to create your Resin and Wood Tables (Rivertable) we have the right people for you:

Andrea Puliga

Many years of experience as an Instructor of Resin For Crafting Masterclass.

After having founded the Brand Fire of Passion, was the creator of the first course in Wood and Resin, which led him to be one of the references in Italy, France, and Spain. Expert in Preparation, Casting and polishing there is no subject on which he cannot give effective advice.

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