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The Best Resins for Artists,
plus Professional Silicones and Dyes.

The Best Resins for Artists, plus Professional Silicones and Dyes.

Do you love Resin Art and are you looking for the most suitable product to create your own epoxy resin paintings? Approaching Resin Art for the first time and don’t know where to start? Or is your art Resin Jewelry?


Resins for Jewelry, Molds, and Silicones

ResinPro not only provides Resins for Artistic Creations and Jewelry, but follows you step by step with specific products to create Resin Art and Jewels with Silicone Molds, quickly and trouble-free.

For us it is essential that you get the result you want, whether Resin Art Creation or a Resin Casting using silicone molds for your original jewelry line.

Choose the Right Type of Resin.

There is no one resin that is suitable for every application. A Resin too liquid for a Resin Art painting can ruin the creation. Conversely, a low-viscosity resin is required for bubble-free casting.

At ResinPro we know this well. We take the guesswork out of quality resins for artists. Don’t waste time on expensive tests and trials: Play it safe with ResinPro.

For best Resin Art results

High-viscosity resins for Ocean Art, Geode Art, Coasters, Trays, etc.

Resin for Moulds & Creations

High-transparent resin for DIY and bubble free castings up to 2 inches (5 cm) thick.

Moulding Silicones

Liquid molding compounds or paste silicones for your best moulds.

Pigments for Resins

Four families of Resin Pigments,
in dozens of colors.

Wave Effect Resin: Art Pro – the Best Choice

Do you want to recreate the waves of the sea with resin, but can’t get a realistic effect? Here is ART PRO. High viscosity colorable resin to obtain sharp and detailed paintings when creating the sea effect with epoxy resins.

Click here for a demonstration video:

Art Pro Deluxe: The Thickest Resin to Find

The best choice for Resin and Geode Art, making Coasters, Trays, Ocean Art and casting surfaces.

Ultra-High viscosity Transparent self-levelling UV-resistant epoxy system, which creates a hard and glossy protective layer for casting up to 0,40 inches (1 cm)

Easy Techniques for Beginners to Create or Decorate a Picture with Resin

Now that you have chosen the right product, you can start with one of the most famous old ones (but also easier for beginners): Pour Paint (or Pour Painting). In practice, after having prepared the resin, it is separated into many cups and a color is added to each cup.

Then they are mixed in a large carafe and quickly “poured” onto the canvas to be decorated. And here, as if by magic, it takes on incredible and fascinating shapes! Or you can use the clear resin simply to protect and give gloss to an existing acrylic painting.

Here is a sample video:

How to Color Epoxy Resins

Choosing the right resin colors is perhaps the most important part of achieving a perfect resin creation. Whether you are looking for a “WOW” effect or a more classic resin color, here are our guides on how to color the resin:

Shades and Main Types of Dyes:

How Much Resin Do You Need for Your Project?

The most important rule for creating epoxy paintings and coating resin surfaces is: Don’t leave anything to chance! Not having applied (or worse, running out of resin mixture halfway through) the right amount of resin will create empty “orange peel” effects on your surface.

How Much Resin Is Needed to Make an Epoxy Resin Table?

Here is our resin consumption calculator at your disposal:

Or Download the APP to calculate how much Resin do you need for your epoxy tabletops:

We Are Here To Help!

Our Resins for Artists are suitable for both beginners and experts. We know that each creation is unique and can be customized with infinite variations: that’s why if you want to know which Epoxy Resin is best suited to your creations, there’s someone who can help you!


360 ° assistance in all phases of the realization of your creations. From Design to Implementation and Final Finishing. Expert in solving technical problems related to resin processing and correct application procedures.


10 years of experience in the Processing of Creations and Resin Paintings. Successful Youtuber specialized in epoxy resin with over 30,000 subscribers and author of the book “Resin Design Jewels”. An Expert of Resin Paintings at Your Disposal!

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